Celebrating Nigeria’s 58th Independence in Downtown Houston on September 29th!

Living out loud as a form of expression is nonetheless the antidote for Nigerians! Tradition, food and culture are held to a high standard that exudes beauty and prestige. It is a little-known fact that Houston holds the largest population of Nigerians that live outside of the country itself. The Nigeria Cultural Parade will become a masterpiece displaying the giant of Africa that has over 300 languages and 200 tribes in Downtown Houston presented by Culturally Naija and WeLead. It will be filled with aesthetics; colors and it will serve to reveal the unity of Nigeria despite the many ethnic groups.

The Parade will contribute to Houston’s landscape, known as the “melting pot”, of socially driven communities that share a common interest by highlighting a significant ethnic group prominently based in Houston. It will introduce an array of colorful presentations that display history, traditions and provide a cultural exchange. The cultural aspect will be an invaluable addition that showcases the beauty of Nigeria through art indigenous folklore and engaging learning experiences.


The beat of the drums will stir the passion and unify a cultural pride at 1510 Polk Street near the Toyota Center at 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 29, 2018. In addition, the Nigeria Cultural and Arts Festival will commence immediately following the parade. For any interested individuals or groups who would like to participate, please send an email to info@culturallynaija.com. You may visit www.nigeriaculturalparade.com to RSVP for FREE and review more updates.

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