The ONE Africa Music Fest presented by Upclose & Personal Inc., Mr. Paul Okoye, Patrick Okeke and Onyeka Okoli was the epitome of culture and music on a world class stage. The biggest music entertainers across Africa made their to Houston, Texas to deliver what they do best. MUSIC! Culture!…and DAAANCE! The impact made was not only through the music but through social responsibility. WeLead supported the music fest by securing a few school visits including Dekaney High School and KIPP High School where various musicians such as J.Martins, ZORO, Harrysong shared their stories, encouraged the creative minds and left an impressionable mark not only about their craft but the African culture. We can’t wait til’ next year…..STAY TUNED!! #ONEAfrica #OCT22 #HoustonTX #WELead





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