FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Women’s Empowerment Based on Economic Power Across Africa Pivotal Platform, Africa iXchange Inspires a Global Network

HOUSTON – The highly anticipated Pan-African Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit is paving the way by force to bring an undeniably, one of kind global setting to engage, discuss and exchange. The illustrious affair will be held at the Marriott West Loop hotel in Houston, the fourth largest city in the US. The first of its kind, the women’s summit, led by We Lead International, will run from February 25, 2016 through February 28, 2016.

We Lead, a community development nonprofit organization, based in Houston will lead the unique summit to create networking opportunities and ignite dialogue between Africa and the international community for business exchange in the areas of education, energy, healthcare, infrastructure and technology.  WeLead International develops strategic programs effective in empowering and building leaders focused on having real impact within their communities. AiX is one of the innovative programs that supports the continued vision WeLead for African Women Empowerment.  Africa IXchange is an innovative program to bring together experts in the five focus areas from both Africa as well as from around the US.  The attendees will include economic stakeholders, business leaders and policymakers to interact, exchange ideas and build mutually beneficial relationships with industry, corporate leaders, fund managers and entrepreneurs across the US. “We can pull the best from around the world in building our communities, “ said We Lead International, Executive Director, Linda Anukwuem. “We can learn from each other and put it into practice!”

Globally, patriarchal societies have tried to hold discussions and make socioeconomic and political decisions for their communities. Africa iXchange is from the perspective of women to make the changes from within to build resilient families, stronger communities worldwide. The goals of the Houston summit are to help build community capacities, create effective partnerships and best practices and promote leadership skills in women. Join the conversation via twitter @WeLeadAfrica and connect on


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