ROCKOUT USA, the Engine for Young Aspiring Leaders in Africa

HOUSTON, TX (September 30, 2015) The standards has been raised again! WeLead will take an innovative approach to contribute to the ongoing movement to build and empower Africa’s Next Generation of Leaders! A platform where students can travel to attend a 10-day intensive program that will educate, motivate and empower through activities that will have the attention of the young mind.

The setting will be strictly for the international student and allow them to be welcomed to a multi-cultural city and take an educational stance on sight-seeing, university/college campus tours and receive one-on-one information from a university/college counselor. The experience will be beyond just a typical summer camp.

The program is set to take place next year in Houston, August 1st – 10th, 2016. It will definitely be creatively orchestrated to promote development through preparation, participation and capacity building for young leaders. WeLead’s mission is quite simple…to Globalize the future!



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